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Flat Stock Coil Straighteners Motorized

flat stock coil straighteners motorizedflat stock coil straighteners motorized

If your application calls for straightening materials up to 18" in width, and from .008" to .100" in thickness, the Durant VS-MSC Series sets the standard for the metal stamping industry. All models include entrance drive rolls, straightening rolls, and variable speed DC drive. These individually adjustable rolls are precision ground and heat treated for long term service. Entrance and exit adjustable guide roller assembly is standard equipment.

Special Features:
Open top for ease of cleaning rolls and threading materials.

ModelMax Material WidthMax ThicknessNo. RollsPriceQuantity
VS-MSC-1073 1/8”(80 mm).100” (2.55 mm)9$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-MSC-276”(153 mm).100” (2.55 mm)9$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-MSC-5712”(305 mm).065” (1.65 mm)9$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-MSC-8718” (457 mm).065" (1.65 mm)9$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

flat sotck coil straighteners motorized

Durant´s motorized medium and heavy duty stock straighteners have one set of entrance drive rolls, one set of exit drive rolls, and seven straightening rolls for a total of eleven rolls. All entrance, exit, and lower straightening rolls are power driven. Standard equipment on all models are 220/440-60 cycle, 3 phase motorization, vari drive of 0 to 100 FPM (other speeds can be supplied), loop controller, dial indicators, inclined head, cascade rolls, black oxide finish. Solidly welded contemporary cabinets, with one easily removable access panel, allows for your maintenance department to inspect and adjust drive components and chains with ease.

VS Drive Features and Benefits:
  • Antenna-TrackerTM loop controller. This self adjusting state of the art control system allows a loop of material to move up and down between the two control antennas providing a smooth and stable running machine. Increasing and decreasing line speeds will automatically increase or decrease the straighteners speed by the simple touch of an antenna!
  • State of the Art Regenerative drive controller to insure fast acceleration and immediate stopping capability upon demand. Standard speed range is 0-100 F.P.M.
  • Operator friendly controls with Power Start, Stop, Auto/Manual,Forward/ Reverse & Jog push buttons to allow the press operator to easily thread and run the line while insuring optimum safety.
ModelMax Material WidthMax ThicknessNo. RollsPriceQuantity
VS-MD-66”(153 mm).145” (3.68 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-MD-1212”(305 mm).130” (3.30 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-MD-1818”(457 mm).110” (2.80 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-MD-2424”(610 mm).075” (1.91 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-MD-3030”(762 mm).060” (1.53 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-MD-3636”(915 mm).045” (1.14 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-HD-66”(153 mm).210” (5.34 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-HD-1212”(305 mm).190” (4.83 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-HD-1818”(457 mm).180” (4.57 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-HD-2424”(610 mm).160” (4.07 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-HD-3030”(762 mm).125” (3.18 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-HD-3636”(915 mm).090” (2.29 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
VS-HD-4848”(1219 mm).045” (1.15 mm)11$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

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