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Pedestal Wire Uncoilers

Product Description

Durant Manufactures (7) Model Pedestal and Cabinet Mounted Variable Speed Motorized Wire Uncoilers in weight capacities from 50 lbs. to 750lbs. Heavier weight capacities are available.

All models have a standard height of 34” from the turntable to the base of the machine. Other heights are available. Customer to specify at no additional cost.

The Durant Pedestal / Cabinet Wire Uncoilers are rugged machines that utilize a heavy duty DC motor, giving you our customer, a Long Lasting Trouble Free Investment.

A light weight variable speed dancer type control arm with guides are standard equipment.

Availability :
2-3 Weeks
Warranty :
(3) Years
Price :
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Pedestal Wire Uncoilers Motorized

Model Base Maximum Weight Capacity Turntable Diameter
PWD-50-M Pedestal 50 Lbs. 18” Or Specify addtocart
PWD-100-M Pedestal 100 Lbs. 24” Or Specify addtocart
PWD-200-M Pedestal 200 Lbs. 24” Or Specify addtocart

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