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Stroke Counters/Push Button Desk Tally

Stroke Counters Light Duty Designed for easy incorporation into all kinds of machines and equipment, these light and medium duty counters require a minimum of driving effort. To make sure they will provide years of durable, reliable service, Durant makes them both rustproof and dustproof.

4-X-1-1-R4R.H. LeverKnob$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-X-1-1-R5R.H. Leverknob$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-X-1-1-L5L.H. LeverKnob$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

Medium Duty You can order these well known "D" model medium duty stroke counters in 4, 5 or 6 figures. They are solidly built and thoroughly tested. On small production machines, they will provide the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

4-D-1-1-R4R.H. LeverWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-D-1-1-R5R.H. LeverWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-D-1-1-L5L.H. LeverWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

Heavy Duty For a heavy duty application, you need a heavy duty counter, and that’s where you can count on Durant. In our high speed, streamlined heavy duty counter series, the shafts are stainless steel, and move in oil-less bearings. And since the drive action is designed with overstroke, the counter does not bottom out. Not only does this make installation easier, it lengthens the term of service. The cover is fabricated from stamped heavy gauge steel, and locked into position on a heavy die cast alloy base. These counters can be mounted from the bottom or the back; a heavy duty mounting plate is provided at no extra cost. Finally, to guard against unauthorized resetting or tampering they are available with a tamper-proof reset lock. The standard wing nut reset is also an option.

5-H-1-1-R5R.H. LeverWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-H-1-1-L5L.H. LeverWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

Durant Tally Counters

urant Tally Counters In areas requiring hand counting for hand operations, these ruggedly constructed counters with feather-touch push button operation can be counted on to provide long, accurate service. Specification and dimensions are basically the same as "X" counters.

4-X-25Push BarKnob$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
4-X-2A5Push ButtonKnob$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

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