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Top 3 Models of Wire Respooling Machine that Makes Loading Easy

wire spooling machine

Are you about to buy a wire respooling machine but are confused about which model to opt for to make the loading procedure easy? There’s no need to worry about it anymore!  We have collected resources and found the best models with their benefits and characteristics. This post can be your ultimate guide on buying a new wire respooling machine for industrial purposes and comparing them as per your requirements and convenience. 

Top 3 Models of Wire Spooling Machines You Should Consider 

1. Wire Spool Decoilers

That’s a heavy-duty steel frame machine with a spool weight capacity of 250 Lbs. It’s standard equipment with the best spool loading ramp and loop control. The system is easy to move with gear reducers, support shaft bearings, and manual speed control. 

It will help you get a smooth payout of the material, easy loading of spools, and the highest quality components. Plus, it’s a hassle-free and versatile appliance that handles most spool uncoiling applications. 

You can get it with many options like weight capacities, spool widths, payout speeds, loop controllers, and a rewind wire mechanism.

Standard Features

  • Variable Speed Dancer Loop Control Arm with Wire Guide


  • Forklift leg and Loading Ramp option
  • Traversing Rewind Wire Respooling Machine

2. Wire Spool Uncoilers with Forklift Leg Option

These are the same machines as the first one in this list. But these come with Forklift leg and loading ramp options. This model is adjustable for many spool widgets and rim diameters. It helps you control the material spool automatically. Plus, it’s easy to lead with loading ramps. The forklift leg option makes it the most convenient cable spooling machine. Depending on your needs and convenience, you should decide on these add-ons.   

Standard Features

  • Variable Speed Dancer Loop Control Arm with Wire Guide


  • Forklift leg and Loading Ramp option
  • Traversing Rewind Wire Respooling Machine

3. Traverse Wire Spool Rewind Machine

Traverse machines allow the wires to traverse or move from one side to another. It helps you unwind the coil or wires. 

This model is just for you if you are looking for easy unloading spools with a ramp. The smooth rewind of the material, high-quality components, and heavy-duty steel frame construction make it durable and trouble-free for rewinding operations. 

The machine offers different options for spool widths, spool weight capacities, forklift legs, and ramps. It’s an all-in-one machine that handles all spool rewinding tasks. It can rewind materials at 0 to 100 feet per minute and offers manual speed control. 

The machine can rewind material up to the weight of 3000 LBS and spool widths to 26″. You can adjust the spool widths and rim diameters as per your requirements. Its DC motor provides long-lasting and hassle-free operation. 

Standard Features

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame Construction
  • Heavy Duty Support Shaft Bearings
  • Spool Width Quick Adjustment Guides
  • Heavy Duty Gear Reducer
  • Easy to Move Within Factory
  • Manual Speed Control Override Feature
  • Precise Adjustable Traversing Mechanism


  • Special Spool Widths
  • Special Spool Weight Capacities
  • Forklift Legs and Ramp


  • Easy Unloading of Spools with ramp
  • Smooth Rewind of your material
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame Construction for Long Trouble Free Operation
  • Highest Quality Components
  • (3) Year Warranty
  • Versatile Machine that Handles Most Spool Rewinding Applications

What’s Next? 

As you already know the best wire spooling machine models and how they work, now is the time to look for a reliable manufacturing company. You don’t need to look further because Durant Tool Company is here for you. We have been an ever-growing team of manufacturers and producers of many quality machines for the last 75+ years. 

You will be amazed by looking at the variety of products. Here is a list of them: 

  • Counters
  • Decoilers
  • Uncoilers
  • Recoilers
  • Pallet Decoilers
  • Rewinders
  • Stock Reels
  • Unwinding machines
  • Coil straighteners
  • Material lubricators
  • Material oilers
  • Roll feeders
  • Electronic servo feeders
  • Air feeders
  • Scrap cutters
  • Loop controls
  • Process controls
  • Cut-to-length machines
  • Machine bases for metal
  • Wire, plastic, vinyl, rubber, rubber hose 
  • Foam rubber coils up to 15,000 lbs
  • Custom equipment
  • Rotary turntables and more

Whatever you want for your business, you will get it here. All you have to do is explore our site, compare the products or machines, and add them to your cart. We also provide three years of guarantee on our wire spooling machine. Plus, if you need more clarity on choosing the machine model, connect with us, and we will make it easier for you. Happy shopping! 

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