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Please follow these instructions for the fastest and most accurate processing of your order:

  • Order by model number. Give a brief description of the item and specific quantities desired.
  • Give your purchase order number, name, phone number and any special instructions
  • Our friendly, qualified telephone personnel are available for fast, convenient, dependable service or if you have any questions about your order, just call TOLL-FREE 1-800-D-Durant or 401-781-7800


E-Mail, phone or FAX us for a quotation on any item. Even items not currently listed in our catalog. You will receive a prompt and detailed response on both price and delivery.


Durant account managers, data entry staff and customer service specialists are a team that focus on your needs. We’re not satisfied until you are!


If you have special shipping or billing requests, please let us know. We have the ability to record special instructions; and make sure they are followed=every time. Let our flexibility work for you.


We attempt to maintain the prices quoted as long as possible and expect to honor them. All prices are subject to change without notice due to printing and production error or extraordinary market conditions. The price charged will be that which is in effect at the time of Durant’s acceptance of your order.


3 year warranty

All Components manufactured by Durant Tool Company are warrantied for three years against defects in material or workmanship, given normal and intended use. Durant will repair or replace all equipment at its discretion. Durant reserves the right to make changes in all specifications and components.

Limited Warranty: All electrical and electronic components must be inspected to determine whether they will be warrantied prior to replacement being sent. Motors, reducers, controls and items manufactured by companies other than Durant are warrantied by their manufacturer and will be repaired or replaced at their discretion. Durant Tool Company does not assume responsibility for those items.

We make no warranty as to the adaptability of our equipment to the customer’s application. This is determined by the customer and the dealer or his representatives.

This warranty supersedes all previous warranties made by Durant either expressed or implied.

When you must return merchandise to us, please follow these simple procedures:

  • Please do not return merchandise without notifying us first and receiving our authorization.
  • Pack merchandise in a strong container.
  • Be sure to include a copy of the invoice.
  • Ship prepaid only.
  • Please allow adequate time for us to receive the package, inspect its contents and make the appropriate adjustment. We will handle your return as quickly as possible

NOTE: we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of 20%- 90% on all orders returned.
All parts and/or electronic items are not subject to return. There are no exceptions.

If a cancellation is received by Durant after purchase number is issued, Durant reserves the right to charge a 20%-90% cancellation fee. This fee is charged on all special machines and specific standard machines.

Tips & Answers to the Most Asked Questions!

Safeguarding of Machines

Never operate, install or maintain machines without understanding the complete and safe operation of that specific equipment. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide proper safety devices and equipment to safeguard the operator from harm add to safeguard these machines at all times in order to meet all current state and federal government safety codes and standards. All machines must be securely attached to the floor.

Damaged/Lost Items

The carrier who delivers the merchandise is responsible for loss or damage; whether it is the U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service or truck, since all products are shipped F.O.B. our warehouse.


Although we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of information on this website and in our catalog, we cannot always control and are not responsible for printing errors and/ or omissions.

Machine Color

Colors of machines may not be the same as shown but can be specified.