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Durant provides the most cost effective precise pneumatic air feeders for your production requirements. Thirteen models are offered in material widths up to 12", maximum stroke length of 12", and steel thickness .100" maximum. Greater thickness may be used when feeding materials other than steel.

All Durant precise model air feeders include a (3) Year Warranty and Free "0" Ring Repair for the life on the air feeder. No confusing paperwork is required. Simply return the air feeder to Durant and we will repair the feeder at no charge to you.

Durant is not satisfied until you, our customer, is satisfied!

Each Durant precise air feeder is designed and manufactured to insure your feeding production runs smoothly.

You can feed materials up to 12" wide, 12" stroke length, and material thickness to .250" thick or greater.

Durant is built to see you through thick or thin, narrow or wide in metal, plastic or paper. Cost effective production always starts with Durant and ends at the bottom line.

Put our Durant precise air feeder units beside any other comparative unit you have heard about. You will find our Durant precise air feeder to be the most Cost Effective, Accurate, Feeding machine available.

Every model in the line is heavily, quality, manufactured to insure trouble free operation for the life of the Air Feeder.

Installation is a snap with Durant. Simply insert two bolts through mounting holes (standard air feed spacing), and bolt it to the press table or bolster plate. Next, fix a striker to the press ram and connect the air supply, (75 to 120 PSI). The second the striker is touched by the actuator on the feed, the feed goes into action. The feed length can be altered at any time by simply adjusting the stop on the air feed.

Our sophisticated series of controls enables Durant to achieve accuracy of 0.001" for a couple of reasons. First of all, the feed material is always in the solid grip of either the feed clamp or the holding clamp so it cannot slip or misfeed. Secondly, even if it is maladjusted, the special shock absorbing air cushions at each end of the stroke prevent bounce.

Are Air Feed Replacement Parts Costing You $$$ and production time! Call Durant. We have the solution to you problems!

ModelMax. WidthMax. StrokeMax. ThicknessMax. Strokes Per MinutePulling Capacity PoundsPriceQuantity
AF 121.5"2".040"22037$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 161.5"6".040"6037$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 222.5"2.5".048"20072$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 282.5"8".040"5072$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 444"4".092"165103$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 4124"12".056"50138$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 666"6".092"120138$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 6126"12".072"45175$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 888"8".092"100277$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 10610"6".092"110277$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 101010"10".100"65351$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 12612"6".100"90351$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
AF 121212"12".100"50351$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

Durant Precise Pneumatic Air Feed Options

Pilot Release$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
Electrical Actuation$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

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