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Loop Controls

loop controls

A-1 Sonic

single loop controllers

No Contact Loop Control

  • The only PATENTED analog output NON-CONTACT loop control NOT limited to loop control application.
  • Can be used to control levels of liquids or solids in tanks.
  • Can be used to control unwind and rewind tension.
  • Can be used to detect the presence or absence of pallets in automated warehouses.
  • Can measure changes in distance as small as .10".
  • Now comes in many models with a variety of standard and optional features that allow you to configure the optimum NON-CONTACT, sensing and control system for your application. Durant offers a wide selection of contact and non-contact controls to sense and precisely control the loop material of your processing production equipment. While we specialize in stock reeling, coil straightening and rewinding equipment, Durant´s contact and non-contact electronic sensors can be adapted to a large variety of manufacturing requirements. Call us with your problems and we will work together to increase your factory productivity. Call Durant for additional assistance.

A-1 SonicSonic No Touch$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

loop controls


Contact Loop Control

Now there is a perfect contact sensor auxiliary for straighteners, reels or other machinery where a loop of material must be regulated with exact precision -- the Contact Loop Control from Durant. With this unit all that´s required to control the slack of your loop is the movement of adjustable contacts. Installation is not complicated. Voltage must be compatible with the equipment which is being controlled. If voltage is not specified, 110 Volt is supplied.

VS-CLC-1Variable Speed Antenna Loop Control$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
CLC-1On/Off Antenna Loop Control$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

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