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Durant President Series Counters

Profitable high speed industrial production depends on the accuracy of the way you monitor and control it. Why settle for less than the Ambassador and Presidential Series from Durant. We were the first on the market with these high tech digital controls, and we have constantly improved them ever since. Right now, for example, you can order these no-compromise Durant Counters with the options you need to do just about anything you want:

  • Simple Production Counting
  • Length measurement
  • Cut-to-Length Operations
  • Batching, Packaging, or Roll Forming
  • Blending or Dispensing
  • Motor Speed Monitor Control
  • Printing
  • Parts Counting or Coil Winding
  • Wide Range of Other Industrial Applications

The President Series leads the way with features like these:

  • Color-coded Keyboard Panel for dependable and simple selection, indication, control and programmability.
  • Bright .56" Seven-Segment LED Display for easy-to-read count and preset values.
  • Sealed Front Panel to NEMA 4 Specifications for complete environmental protection.
  • Two-way 20 MA Loop Communications 1200 baud serial communications.
  • Ideal Power Input 115/230 VAC and 11-28 VDC for versatility in application.
  • System Matched Auxiliary Power for instant hook-up of flow cost DC input devices at correct voltage and current design.
  • Full Line of Transducers and Sensors for one-source systems design.
  • Relay and Transistor Outputs to meet every control requirement.
  • Non-Volatile Memory for no loss of memory – no batteries required.

President Series (Count Control)

Model Description
57820400 120 Vac, No Communications
58821400 Single Preset
58825400 Single Preset with Rate
58831400 Dual Preset
58841400 Dual Preset with Batch
58851400 Dual Preset with Totalizer or Batch Counter
58861400 Three Presets with Floating Pre-Warn
58827400 Main Counter, Batch and Totalizer Presets
58827410 Two Independent Count Registers
58867400 High Speed Count Controls 30 khz max
58868400 President Position Controller

President Series Totalizers

Model Description
58811400 115/230 Vac. LED Red Display
58815400 115/230 Vac. LED Red Display, 1/Tau Ratemeter
57810400 115 Vac. Seven Digit LED Red Display, Basic Pulse Count
58810400 115/230 Vac. LED Red Display
57810402 Feet/Inches Totalizer

Not All Durant Counter Models are Listed Online
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