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Mechanical/Revolution Counters

mechanical length measuring counter For measuring brass, steel, plastics and paper this counter bracket assembly can handle speeds up to 500 feet per minute. 2 ¼ lbs of pressure on the surface to be measured is provided by the measuring wheel and counter.

ModelFiguresRotationUnits of MeasurePriceQuantity
5D-8-1-AC5Anti-ClockwiseFeet$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5D-8-1-CL5ClockwiseFeet$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

40460-400Mounting BracketOPTION"D" Bracket$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
20154-300Measuring WheelOPTION12-inch (304.8 mm) meter circumference Urethane, r$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
20154-301Measuring WheelOPTION12-inch (304.8 mm) meter circumference Urethane, r$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
measuring counters, mechanical revolution counter

Model "D" Series mechanical length measuring counter

revolution counter For braiding machines, low speed coil winders, wire measuring equipment, and all other medium duty revolution applications, the perfect solution is the Durant Model "D" Series. These spur gear end drive units are right angle worm drive counters. They are readily adapted as an accessory on machinery where right angle drive is desired to permit full view reading of the counter.

5-D-7-1-R-CL5R.H.ClockwiseWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-D-7-1-R-AC5R.H.Anti-ClockwiseWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-D-7-1-L-CL5L.H.ClockwiseWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-D-7-1-L-AC5L.H.Anti-ClockwiseWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-D-7-3-R-CL5R.H.ClockwiseNone$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-D-7-3-L-AC5L.H.Anti-ClockwiseNone$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-D-6-1-CL5Front & RearClockwiseWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
5-D-6-1-AC5Front & RearAnti-ClockwiseWing Nut$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
mechanical counters=

Durant CS Series Revolution Counters

31057- 409Revolution Counter, Anti-clockwise 4-CS-7-3-AC 10 To 1$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

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revolution counters, mechanical length measuring counter
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