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Wire Cut to Length Machines/ Roll Feeder / Cutter

Low Maintenance High Performance Machines!

Wire Cut to Length Machines/ Roll Feeder / CutterWire Cut to Length Machines/ Roll Feeder / Cutter

The Compact, Economical, Efficient Cut-To-Length Machine

When making an investment in Cut-To-Length Machines, Durant is the solution for your requirements. Durant is a team building the machine suited particularly for your application. Durant can provide you with our standard feed body and electronics package or make necessary modifications at a very reasonable cost. Durant manufactures Servo Roll Feeds that provide power, speed, and precision feed accuracy for all applications.

Durant Tool Company offers 5 models. All feed body parts are precision manufactured with the latest CNC machine technology and have a black oxide machine tool finish. These low maintenance high performance machines incorporate the latest Servo technology.

The Durant Cut-To-Length Machines include our Quick Adjust Wire Straightener, GW Series Electronic Servo Roll Feeder, and powerful pneumatic cutter mounted on a heavy duty machine base.

All Model machines handle a wide range of wire diameters. It gives you our customer, a versatile investment that eliminates the need of using oversized presses or other machines that occupy valuable floor space for simple cut-to-length operations.

The Compact Durant design requires only an air line and power supply. The wire is accurately straightened and fed to the pneumatic cutter knives with guide rollers, keeping the wire straight and perpendicular to the cut.

The electronic control package consists of an operator interface keypad with the industries most user friendly roll feed software on the market today. The keypad contains various system performance data and accumulators.

Cutter Features

  • Material holding device for optimal cutting accuracy
  • Powerful pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder
  • Integral guard protection
  • Precision holes in blades to fully guide and contain the wire through the cutting process

Durant manufactures five standard models of high quality competitively priced Cut-To-Length Machines that handle wire to .375” diameter. When cutting materials other than steel, material thickness is considerably greater than stated maximum material thickness, please contact Durant.

Durant Servo Feeds are built to handle wires up to .375”. If our standard specifications do not meet your requirements, call Durant.

Durant’s high quality CNC machined feed body exceeds the manufacturing specifications of all other Servo Feed manufacturers. Cluster gears on top & bottom rolls for zero backlash regardless of material thickness.

Durant’s Electronic controls are combined with the most accurate feed body, to give you, our customer the premier Electronic Servo Feed.

Every model is engineered and machined from the latest CNC Technology and black oxide finished giving our customers the premier Electronic Servo Feed and cutter.

Put our machines beside any other comparative unit you have heard about. We won’t need to say anything more. You win with Durant! We win with you!

Standard Mechanical Features

  • Precision Machined construction.
  • Black Oxide finished.
  • Matte finish rolls.
  • Zero maintenance sealed bearings.
  • Cluster gears on top & bottom rolls for zero backlash regardless of material thickness.
  • Zero maintenance low inertia pulley mounted with trantorque keyless bushing.
  • Zero maintenance Kevlar belt which eliminates lubrication & wear.
  • Brushless servo motor.
  • Adjustable roller stock guides.
  • Positive pressure die springs on upper roll.
  • Cascade entry rolls.
  • Heavy duty machine base built to customer specifications.
  • Color: Ivory or customer to specify.

Standard Electric Control Features

  • Control enclosure is a rugged 24x20x12” free standing NEMA 12 cabinet. MP cabinet is 20x16x8" deep.
  • Operator control: Power On/Off selector switch, Emergency Stop push-pull button, Auto/Manual/Jog to Length selector switch & remote forward / reverse jog station.
  • Operator interface keypad and display.
  • Electronic Control is wired to JIC and NEC standards.

ModelWire Diameter Capacity
(mild steel)
Cutting LengthCutting ForcePriceQuantity
WCLM-1Up to .062” (1.58 mm)0-999”2,000 LBS (910 kg)$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
WCLM-2Up to .125” (3.25 mm)0-999”3,600 LBS (1637 kg)$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
WCLM-3Up to .1875” (4.76 mm)0-999”6,600 LBS (3000 kg)$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
WCLM-4Up to .250” (6.00 mm)0-999"7,200 LBS (3273 kg)$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
WCLM-5Up to .375” (9.37 mm)0-999"11,000 LBS (5000 kg)$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

Standard Features

  • Heavy Duty Machine Base
  • GW Wire Servo Roll Feeder
  • Pneumatic Cutter
Optional FeaturesPriceQuantity
Wire Straightener$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
Roll Positioning Indicators for Wire Straightener Rolls$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts
Wire Decoiler$CALL LOW PRICESQuantity Discounts

When your application requires straightening and feeding wire to a precise length; look to Durant. Our space saving, economical wire straighteners/feeders will handle most applications.

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